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Simplify your IX services

IX-API provides an interface for provisioning key services at multiple Internet Exchanges (IXs). It supports fully end-to-end automated processes and enables networks to configure, change and cancel services at multiple IXs.

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Automated processes, cost-efficient and fast

IX-API leads to a variety of benefits for IX customers and members as well as for IXs. It reduces the time for configuring, changing and cancelling services from days to minutes. IX-API is available 24/7/365 and it requires less effort and cost per transaction. IX-API offers increased transparency and by offering one single API language for multiple Internet Exchanges, implementation costs are reduced to a minimum.


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Developed for the community

IX-API was designed and developed as an open industry standard by AMS-IX, DE-CIX and LINX, the three leading global Internet Exchanges. The open community API (Application Programming Interface) is already implemented at these three IXs, and additional Internet Exchanges are in the process of implementing it. All customers of the participating exchanges, whether resellers, Internet Service Providers, Content Delivery Networks or carriers, can benefit from IX-API, regardless of their business model and size.

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