Getting Started

Explore the Specs

IX-API is a REST API following OpenAPI v3 standards. We provide a “Swagger UI” style interface (powered by ReDoc) for easy exploration here .

The examples in the documentation will give you a clear picture of the endpoints and what data they provide or expect. Also, the glossary gives you an overview and the IX-API definitions.

Here are some starting points for exploring:

Get the sandbox

We provide a Docker image to facilitate local exploration and adoption of the API. The sandbox allows you to create tokens for (local) authentication. It comes with a skeleton config for a quick start.

You can then import the IX-API specifications into Postman or a similar tool and let it point at your local installation.

Follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have got Docker and Postman installed.
  • Follow the steps in the README (part of the sandbox repository) using the public image at Dockerhub.
  • Go to http://localhost:8000/ and check whether the sandbox is running.
  • Use the bootstrapping scripts to give you a quick start on a demo environment.
  • Also the README gives you in-depth information about the sandbox for IX-API.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.